What is an item you think should be free? - According to Redditors

We collected the data from the post asked on the subreddit r/AskReddit - What is an item you think should be free? The post had 11.6K upvotes and 7.7 comments when we collected the data. We selected items that had more than 500 upvotes. Some posts included more than 2-3 items. So we added upvotes of such posts to those mentioned items. Eg. A post including Epipens, Insulin, and Female Hygiene products had 1.3K upvotes. We added 1.3K votes to Life-saving drugs and Female Hygiene. Below is the data represented in Funnel.


The top spot was taken by pay parking at the hospital. Pay parking was found to be more in urban and Downtown areas while less frequent in suburban areas. Pay parking is not only for the general public but some hospitals also make medical practitioners pay for parking.


The second spot was taken by Life Saving Drugs. 60% of Americans have a condition for at least one chronic disease. Diabetes is the leading one. The cost of Insulin has pushed many families into medical debt. After Insulin, Epipen used for asthma and allergies is another drug that Redditors want to be made free.


The close third spot was taken by the Free Britney Movement. Pop Star Britney Spear is fighting a bitter legal battle with her father Jamie Spears regarding conservatorship. Fans of Britney have been pushing for the end of conservatorship while utilizing social media to bring awareness to the discrepancies surrounding conservatorship.

Data represented in Bar Chart.

Public Bathrooms especially in Asia are paid. More than 10K Redditors upvoted to waive of fee for use of public bathrooms. School Lunch also garnered 9K upvotes. Clean water especially bottled drinking water also got around similar upvotes with more engagement from users. Female Hygiene including tampons, sanitary pads, contraceptives got 7.5K upvotes.

Data represented in Pie Chart.


Fees for Government-issued IDs got 3.6K support. Various Health issues including Therapy sessions, dental health, health insurance got mentions. Combining all health-related data, health is the topmost item Redditors want free. Cremation and Burial also got quite a good amount of upvotes.